G-CON Manufacturing Honored with the Korea Bioprocessing Excellence Award

IMAPAC, the organizer of Biologics Manufacturing Korea, recently awarded G-CON Manufacturing with the 2020 Korea Bioprocessing Excellence Award in Innovative Bioprocessing Technology. The award honors outstanding experts, institutions, and technologies in the field of bioprocessing and cell/gene therapy. G-CON is honored to be in the company of the many distinguished organizations and individuals who have been considered for this award in the past.

G-CON received the award for its ÜBERcellFLEX prefabricated modular cleanroom infrastructure for the manufacturing of autologous cell therapies. ÜBERcellFLEX is part of the iCON product line developed by G-CON and IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC and represents a line of gene/cell therapy products that operating companies can buy today, ready- to-order with little to no engineering time.

“It’s with great pride and gratitude, that G-CON has accepted this award on behalf of the entire iCON team” said Dennis Powers, Vice President of Business Development and Sales Engineering for G-CON Manufacturing. “Being recognized for our innovative platform approach to facility design and construction further reinforces the growing need in our industry that IPS and G-CON recognized three years ago when we launched iCON."

Available in both 12-foot and 24-foot wide POD configurations, the ÜBERcellFLEX processing suites enable faster and more predictable project schedules for new facility construction and a standardized solution to meet speed to market requirements — filling all major needs in the cell therapy arena. Multiple units can be installed to scale up/out from phase 1 clinical production to commercial manufacturing.

About G-CON Manufacturing
G-CON Manufacturing designs, builds, and installs prefabricated G-CON POD® cleanrooms. G-CON’s POD portfolio provides cleanrooms in a number of dimensions for a variety of uses, from laboratory environments to personalized medicine and production process platforms. G-CON POD® cleanroom units surpass traditional cleanroom structures in scalability, mobility and the possibility of repurposing the PODs once the production process reaches its lifecycle end. For more information, please visit G-CON’s website at https://www.gconbio.com.