prefabricated cleanrooms

prefabricated cleanroom g-con pod

What does “Autonomous” mean for the PODs and what are the benefits?

By: Dennis Powers

G-CON defines the PODs as autonomous based on their design which integrates all of the mechanical systems required to operate the POD including HVAC and Fire Suppression, as well as the electrical and control systems.  These systems are all installed in a Mechanical Area which is integrated into the POD structure, but isolated from the clean environment and accessible from the external gray space.  The POD design allows for rapid installation and operation with just two basic utility connections, electrical power and chilled water.  External POD utility connection points with quick-connect hardware allow for tying into the facility utility systems quickly and easily, just like  any other piece of equipment.


The autonomous design of the POD offers many benefits over traditionally constructed cleanrooms including speed, flexibility, and reduced risk.   The PODs are fabricated in a controlled factory environment and factory acceptance tested prior to shipping while the facility is being constructed.  This reduces the overall project timeline and removes complexity and risk at the facility construction site for the client.  The POD design also provides the segregation and containment required for multi-product facilities and allows for easy scale out of the facility in the future without impacting the existing operations.

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