prefabricated cleanrooms

prefabricated cleanroom g-con pod

How is complete redundancy of the HVAC system achieved in the PODs?

By: Garrett Bond, Project Manager

There is not one, but two ways in which complete redundancy of the HVAC system is achieved in PODs:

  1. Dual air handling units (AHUs) and exhaust fans (EFs) can be utilized in a double POD configuration (2 – 12 or 8.5’ PODs, nominal dimensions 24x50 and 17x50 respectively). This dual system can always be redundant by allowing a backup AHU and EF to be waiting on standby for scheduled maintenance or an unforeseen event.

  2. ECM Fan Array air handlers can be utilized. This type of AHU can offer an N+1 fan option, wherein if one fan malfunctions, the others can increase speed and temporarily provide the required amount of air changes in the POD’s clean space. These types of fans can also be utilized in EFs but are most often used in a recirculating HVAC system to eliminate the need for a large EF in the POD’s mechanical room.

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