prefabricated cleanroom g-con pod

Imagine: Quoted Cleanroom Construction Costs and Delivery Timeline Accuracy (2018)

Merck’s Flexible Facility Design Reinvents Pharma Formulation and Process Development (2018)

Reducing Cleanroom Complexities and Cost (2018)

Shrinking Big Pharma: Why Building Smaller Manufacturing Plants is the Next Big Thing (2018)

Changing the Face of Biopharmaceutical Cleanroom Infrastructures (2018)

Imagine: A Cleanroom is Shipped in 48 Hours (2017)

Total Cost of Ownership Considerations for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities (2017)

Biomanufacturing Technology Roadmap: Modular and Mobile (2017)

Manufacturing Injectables in the Multiplex (2017)

Progress Towards Commercial Scale and Efficiency in Cell Therapy Bioprocessing (2017)

Analyzing the Flexibility of Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Facility Options (2017)

Reaching for Next Gen Biopharma Manufacturing (2017)

Viral Vector Manufacturing: Meeting Escalating GMP Demands for Gene Therapies (2017)

Designing The Cell Therapy Facility Of The Future (2017)

The Changing Environment of Facility Planning, Design and Engineering – Flexibility being a Key Attribute (2016)

The Evolution of Planning Design and Engineering: Flexibility Takes Center Stage (2016)

Utility System Design Considerations For Single-Use Bioprocessing (2016)

Are You Overlooking This Critical Component Of Bioprocess Facility Design? (2016)

Do's and Don'ts of Bioprocess Facility Construction (2016)

Interphex Interview (2016)

Continuity Promotes Bioprocessing Intensity: Moving from Batch Mode to Continuous Mode (2016)

Bioprocess Facility Design — Layout Rules And Configurations (2016)

An Introduction To Biopharmaceutical Facility Design & Layout (2016)

Implementing Upgrades While Operating Your Facility (2016)

Modular, Flexible or Both? Key Considerations in Biomanufacturing Facility Design (2016)

Flexible Facilities Roundtable (2015)

How it Works: Prefabricated Cleanroom PODs Speed Up Installation and Enable Repurposing (2015)

Cleanroom and Facility Planning: Getting Beyond Cost Per Square Foot (2015)

A Review of the Aging Process and Facilities Topic (2015)

Aging Facilities: Aseptic Manufacturing Faces the Future (2015)

Modular Manufacturing Platforms for Biologics (2015)

Continuous Manufacturing Prototype Platform Nears Prototype Installation (2014)

The Call for Agile, Flexible Facilities: How PODular Facilities May Answer It (2014)

Modularity Creates Flexible Manufacturing Systems (2014)

Challenges and Trends in Biopharma Facility Design (2014)

Transmissible Disease Containment (2014)

Risk Mitigation with Aging Pharmaceutical Facilities (2014)

Pfizer Collaboration Prepares For The Future Of Flexible Manufacturing​ (2013)

Flexible Production Platforms for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing (2013)

Biopharmaceutical Facilities: Modular Does Not Always Mean Flexible (2013)

Cleanroom Construction Materials (2013)

Single-Use Equipment Standardization: When Will Users Join the Debate? (2013)

Defining Flexible Facilities: When is a Flexible Facility Being Flexible (2013)

The Need for Flexible Facility Designs (2013)

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