prefabricated cleanrooms

prefabricated cleanroom g-con pod

What do the host building air supply requirements need to be to run a POD?

By: Sam Watkins

G-CON specifies that the host building envelope should provide make up supply air with a temperature of 60oF-75oF (15.5oC-24oC) and humidity conditions of 40%-60%.  The volume of supply air required will depend upon the cleanroom classification required and associated air change rate as well as the HVAC configuration (e.g. recirculated versus single pass air).

This make up air can be supplied either from the host building environment (grey space) or directly from a building make up AHU. If taken from the host building grey space, then it will be supplied through a louvered vent located on the outer wall of the POD mechanical space. Alternatively, if supplied from a make up AHU, it will be direct ducted to the POD HVAC system through the wall or roof of the POD. This requires an interlock between the building make up air handler and the POD AHU.

The G-CON team will work closely with each client to understand the host facility capabilities and design a POD that will meet the required cleanroom environmental conditions.  G-CON can provide our Host Facility Building Requirements document upon request, and work with each of our clients to ensure we design PODs appropriate for the client’s host building.

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