Introducing Mobile Testing LabPODs

Fast-track delivery of diagnostic and analytical lab capability where and when it’s needed

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the need for a more agile and mobile laboratory diagnostic testing solution. G-CON Manufacturing and Avantor, Inc. have collaborated to offer fully equipped, mobile lab units to fast-track delivery of diagnostic testing.

Mobile LabPODs reduce diagnostic testing turnaround times to help mitigate spread of infectious diseases and interruption to lifestyle during wait time. This innovation enables lab techs to test and analyze samples near collection locations.

What benefit does the Mobile Testing LabPOD offer the industry?  

Mobility is certainly the key benefit, allowing diagnostic and analytical lab capability to be brought anywhere you can drive a truck to for as long as you need it for. This is an asset that can provide a level of flexibility not typically seen in our industry. Speed of delivery is another benefit, and G-CON and Avantor’s ability to provide fast-track delivery of this type of solution is critical during a crisis like the one we have been living through with COVID. And G-CON has a great record of delivering PODs for clients who have an urgent need to get their facilities and labs built and operational as quickly as possible.

How are the Mobile Testing LabPODs designed?

The design approach was a collaborative one with the initial focus and prioritization given to a LabPOD design that could address the need for COVID diagnostic testing, but with ability to adapt the design to accommodate other diagnostic and analytical lab functions. The LabPOD integrates Biosafety cabinets, casework, storage and bench tops, as well as standard equipment such as refrigerators and freezers. The initial design is for PCR testing, currently the gold standard for COVID diagnostics, but it can be easily adapted to accommodate other tests and instruments. And most importantly the labPOD is built on a trailer body, with an integrated generator to provide mobility and location flexibility.

Was the relationship with Avantor a strategic collaboration?

Absolutely. This is another great example of how G-CON partners with the right companies which provide complimentary products and services, are customer focused, and embrace innovation and a collaborative team approach. Our organizations have made great progress together in a short amount of time, while both working through the challenges of the pandemic. This is largely driven by the value that each of us sees in one another as well as the shared vision of what we can accomplish together.

What is the immediate solution offered to the industry and what future needs have been identified?

The current situation has certainly driven the need for mobile COVID diagnostic lab capability, which is why our initial design and launch has focused exactly on that. However, we have also seen interest in our mobile LabPODs in order to provide “flexible lab space” for more routine diagnostic and analytical test capability as well as mobile compounding pharmacies. This is not an entirely new concept to our industry, but it is certainly one that has gained a lot traction in the past year, and one which we believe will continue to be adopted and implemented in the future.

What is the ideal situation to employ a mobilePOD?

We believe the current design we have developed would work very well for a company that currently operates in traditional diagnostic and analytical labs but has a need for mobile lab capability. However, the mobilePOD could also be a great solution for a young innovator company that sees mobility as key to their company’s value proposition.  The ideal situation for any project is when a client is able to utilize a pre-engineered standard design that G-CON and its partners have developed, which reduces the lead times and costs associated with a highly customized designs.

How has G-CON stepped up its supply chain to ensure the ability to design build and deliver new products such as this?

Most importantly it comes down to working with the right partners and suppliers that not only provide innovative and complimentary products, but also understand and are aligned with the G-CON platform for providing high quality cleanroom and lab environments with compressed lead times. Avantor’s VWR REDISHIP fast-track inventory program is a great fit and has integrated well within G-CON’s supply chain and project execution models.

Want to learn more?  Download our Mobile Testing LabPOD brochure.

About the Author

Dennis Powers is the Vice President of Business Development & Sales Engineering for G-CON Manufacturing and has been with the company since 2013. Dennis has over 25 years of experience working in the biopharmaceutical industry on both the manufacturing and supplier sides of the business and has held positions in various technical and management functions including engineering, validation, project management, and operations.  Through his career, Dennis has worked closely with numerous companies in the life sciences industry to provide process equipment and integrated facility solutions to meet their specific needs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fully integrated turnkey lab solution

  • At site testing in a contained environment

  • Ideal for COVID-19 diagnostic testing

  • Elimination of lengthy turnaround times

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prefabricated cleanrooms, modular cleanrooms
prefabricated cleanrooms, modular cleanrooms
prefabricated cleanrooms, modular cleanrooms
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Cleanroom Structure G-CON PODs
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G-CON PODs Cleanrooms Aseptic Fill Finish
G-CON PODs Cleanrooms Aseptic Fill Finish
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