Mobile Bioprocess Units

Mobile bioprocess units create an extremely controlled environment. The technique produces new biological material, often governed by local, state, and national laws. G-Con Manufacturing is an award-winning company committed to producing isolated environments that scale with your project.

What is bioprocessing?

Bioprocessing is a technique that creates biological material for commercial use. Production requires a commitment to cleanliness and control. Microbes entering the manufacturing process may contaminate the final product. This leads to lost profit and even the potential release of dangerous consumables.

Cleanrooms minimize contamination

The most common way to minimize external influence on your process is through a cleanroom. These structures include vents, portals, and closely controlled workspaces.

Our PODS include every component necessary for minimizing contamination. Your technicians service mechanical components from a more open grey space separate from the more controlled environment.

What regulations govern cleanroom construction?

Cleanrooms are technical products. ISO standards provide strict and certifiable guidelines for production of these vital spaces.

We maintain certification in ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 to lower cost and promote success for your business. A commitment to workplace safety translates to a skilled and motivated workforce. Our project managers follow proven theories and methodologies translating to a more appropriate translation of needs to requirements.

Avoiding cost overruns

Cost overruns are rife in construction projects. Companies budget an additional twenty percent in time and 7.9 percent in expenses when estimating for a project.

Prefabrication reuses working products and methods to lower overruns. Our award-winning PODS system allows us to pass such savings to our customers.

Do prefabricated cleanrooms scale?

Bioprocesses are increasingly lucrative. Many experts believe that a bioprocessing crunch will likely never occur, especially as pharmaceutical companies become interested in the prospects your industry provides.

Growing companies require scalable solutions. Our PODS are easy to connect and disconnect with skilled welds that allow you to grow and shrink without ever compromising the quality of your environment. The equipment, workspace, and entryways you need come standard with each unit.

Ventilation that works

Ventilation system in biological processing is crucial to your project and the safety of you, your employees, and your potential end users. Appropriate airflow filters contaminants while granting your researchers the peace of mind they need to ensure a stable process.

Every POD comes with a dedicated filtration system. Our systems are built to handle the needs of a variety of industries. They are also proven with every customer we help.

Mobile bioprocess units

Bioprocessing is an intricate process. Manufacturers and researchers create new biological material from microbial and other fragile processes. Cleanrooms need to meet the needs of this growing field.

G-Con manufacturing continues to provide high quality construction for this industry. Our PODS system is cost effective and scalable. We work hard to make sure that your project succeeds, a reason we continue to win awards in the scientific community.

Your project requires attention to every detail. This includes the environment where bioprocessing occurs. Get in touch with our experts today to find out how we can help you.