prefabricated cleanrooms

prefabricated cleanroom g-con pod

How are the PODs moved into place at my location?

By: Sarah Link

G-CON PODs can be removed from the trailer using a crane or proprietary jack system. Depending on the space available, the POD is either moved into the building using two fork lifts or connected to compressed air for moving into the building via the integrated air bearings. The air bearing system contained in PODs allows for the PODs to “float” over concrete and into their final resting place. What is an air bearing you ask? Think about an air hockey table but in reverse. Instead of the air coming up through the floor, air is pushed into a rubber diaphragm with small holes in it. This creates an air blanket of sorts under the POD structure. Depending on length and weight, the POD will have 6 to 8 air bearings installed and each can support  6,000 lbs.  If you havet seen it before, it’s really impressive. Take a look at our website for video of PODs “floating” around the facility. WATCH VIDEO HERE.

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