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Is there a way to accommodate moving oversized process equipment into or out of a POD?

By: Timothy Rasmussen

G-CON has a few different methods which simplify the installation and removal of large equipment from within the PODs.  In POD systems where there are two or more subPODs being joined together, we can easily install the oversized equipment into one of the subPODs while they are separated and there is full access to the inside.  Once the equipment is installed, we simply move the other subPOD into place using our air bearing technology and assemble the POD together.

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Alternatively, some customers may have a need to periodically move large pieces of equipment in or out of the cleanroom space, but separating the POD at the seam each time would be inconvenient and require excessive downtime.  To simplify the task, G-CON can engineer removable external wall sections that can be easily detached to allow for open access to the POD’s interior.  This minimizes the POD downtime.  Additionally,  G-CON PODs can accommodate large and very heavy equipment by providing dedicated integrated floor sections for the equipment to be placed, independent of the POD.  This allows for the two POD halves to be joined around the already placed equipment.

G-CON has successfully employed all of the methods above and for each client project assesses which is the best approach.

Contact: Timothy Rasmussen

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