Our Company

“We’ve simplified the entire design/build/validate process.” 

There is a serious global capacity problem facing the world today. Many pharmaceutical companies have lifesaving therapies that they cannot deliver fast enough. G-CON has simplified the entire design/build/validate process via our prefabricated cleanroom infrastructure line so pharmaceutical companies can focus on what really matters, the patient.

Our Story

Prefabricated cleanrooms modular cleanrooms flexible facilities

Since 2009, G-CON has lead the cleanroom industry, fulfilling pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical needs and embracing new trends. G-CON designs, builds and installs prefabricated cleanroom PODs for a variety of dimensions and purposes, from laboratory environments to personalized medicines and even production process platforms.


As the leader in prefabricated turnkey cleanroom solutions, G-CON PODs represent a significant development in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production. PODs provide the only system that is readily deployable, flexible, mobile and scalable in the cleanroom market.

Our utmost aspiration in everything we do is getting high quality medicinal therapies to the patient as efficiently and as fast as we can. We are passionate about our PODs because we are providing a supply source for the needed therapies faster than anybody else and with much better quality. Our team knows that meeting deadlines could save a child’s life. This is proven when an innovative company tells us they are 9 months ahead of their production plan due to our PODs and that the ultimate outcome of that was lives being saved 9 months earlier. This example is just one of many we have experienced, but is an example that in everything we do, no matter how insignificant it seems, – we are saving lives by completing it with skill and diligence.