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Our Team, Mission and Values

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Our Vision:

To save patient’s lives by abbreviating the design, build and delivery time of cleanrooms for pharmaceutical products by providing prefabricated and prequalified cleanroom units called PODs®.

Our Mission:

To innovate, design and manufacture prefabricated cleanroom units timely and efficiently off-site and to introduce these prequalified systems into the customer site quickly without significant resources and on-site interruptions in order to get needed medicines to patients. To respond to customer requirements with speed, diligence and dedication, thereby achieving the best possible cleanroom solution with the most attractive total cost of ownership to enable affordable treatments for every patient. To form alliances and partnerships that add value for our customers. Such value may be shorter time-to-run facilities, turnkey solutions, scalable cleanroom space without interruption of existing processes and/or extended usable life of our cleanroom product to empower supply assurance for the patient.

Our Values:

Focus: we focus on the patient as this is our ultimate customer. In addition, we focus on excelling in our work and deliverables. We strive to create cost efficient and flexible solutions for the industry so that affordable medicinal drug products of the highest quality can be provided to a global patient base.

Integrity: we believe that integrity of the highest standard is critical in every facet of our business. Our customers trust us with their requirements. We work relentlessly to fulfill those needs while employing the highest ethical and quality standards, always with the patient in mind.

Team: we work as a cohesive team, not just between our leadership and our team members within our company, but together with our customers. Their tasks are our tasks. Their goals are our goals. And their success is our success. We recognize that true success can only be achieved as a team, utilizing each member’s unique core competences together to achieve the final result – saving patients.