prefabricated cleanrooms

prefabricated cleanroom g-con pod

My first floor building space is very limited, can I eliminate or re-locate the POD mechanical space so I don’t waste any of my ground floor space?

By: Sam Watkins

Our standard PODs do have an 8 ft long mechanical space which includes an HVAC system that is used to supply the POD cleanroom space.  There are benefits to our standard, however, we have alternative POD designs if required.

If ground floor space is limited or if real estate costs are high in your area, we can place the POD mechanical space, including the HVAC, on top of the POD cleanroom space. This allows for the floor space to be maximized by moving the mechanical space off the first floor. To do this, the host building would require a minimum 22 ft clear height to accommodate for the increased height needed to have the mechanical space on top of the cleanroom space in the POD. 

Alternatively, we can create a POD without the mechanical room and locate the HVAC system remotely, either on a skid or an upper level mezzanine.  A small technical closet would be integrated into the POD to provide space for electrical panels or fire suppression equipment as needed.  The HVAC systems for supplying the PODs can be provided by G-CON or by the host facility depending on the best design strategy for the project.

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