G-CON offers a wide variety of solutions ranging from our standard PODs project specific solutions.  In the event our standard POD product portfolio does not meet your specific requirements, our engineering services will find a customized solution for your particular application, process or environmental needs.  The POD basis offers the flexibility and easily implementable adjustments to configure the design to any specific purpose.


Moreover, G-CON and its alliance partners will work together to determine the optimal facility or process layout, create the engineering schematics and will support the implementation of it.  G-CON's project work does not limit itself to POD designs, but encompasses facility concept to completion.

Successful installation of a 24'x42' POD in San Diego, CA

PaxVax, a vaccine manufacturing company for innovative and socially responsible oral vaccine against infectious disease.  The cusomized POD provides 768 sqft. of cleanroom space, a partial ceiling height of 15 ft. and the capacity to maintain relative humidity at 35% in a controlled non-classified environment

PODs for the downstream production of a custom-designed 145,000 sqft. biotherapeutic production facility in Bryan, TX

Caliber Biotherapeutics is a plant-based vaccine facility developed by the Texas Plant-Expressed VAccine Consortium and funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projets Agency (DARPA). This facility went from raw concept to completion and production in 18 months.  G-CON PODs were the enabling technology that allowed this aggressive timeline to be met as the facility and the PODs were constructed simultaneously.  The completed PODs were then placed and made operational in the host facility in a matter of days.

Flexibile, deployable POD system for Portable, Continuous, Miniature & Modular manufacturing (PCMM) in Groton, CT

PCMM is a manufacturing collaboration among GEA Process Engineering, G-CON Manufacturing and Pfizer, providing the next generation of oral solid dose (OSD) process technologies to address the rapidly changing requirements of pharmaceuticl development and manufacturing.  PCMM integrates small footprint, continuous/semi-continuous processing equipment, smart control systems and PODs to process active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) powders and inactive ingredients through to bulk tablets or capsules.  This standardized manufacturing technology platform paves the way for development and commercial purposes using the same equipment at the same scale.

Aseptic formulation and filling PODs for the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, TN

UTHSC expands the capabilities of the UTHSC Plough Center for Sterile Drug Delivery using G-CON PODs.  PODs will provide approximately 1800 sqft. of cleanroom space and incorporate areas for Component Preparation, Compounding/Formulation, Filling and Lyophilization for use in the manufacturing of clinical and small-scale products.  Additionally, PODs will provide approximately 760 sqft. of cleanroom space for the manufacturing and development of semi-solid product.

Ballroom Cleanrooms
Cleanroom Structure G-CON PODs
Cleanroom Structure G-CON PODs
Mobile Cleanrooms G-CON PODs
Mobile Cleanrooms G-CON PODs
Cleanroom Corridor G-CON PODs
Biopharmaceutical Cleanrooms G-CON PODs
Modular Cleanrooms G-CON PODs
Just Evotec Modular Cleanroom PODs
Just Evotec Cleanroom PODs
Pharmacetical Cleanroom PODs
G-CON PODs Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms
G-CON PODs Europe IPS Cleanrooms
Medical Cleanroom G-CON PODs
Ballroom Pharmaceutical Cleanroom G-CON PODs
Modular Pharmaceutical Ballroom Cleanrooms G-CON
G-CON biopharma cleanrooms cell therapy pods
G-CON biopharma cleanrooms cell therapy pods
Cleanroom PODs modular facilities
G-CON biopharma cleanrooms gene therapy pods
Pharmaceutical cleanroom PODs G-CON
G-CON biopharma cleanroom pods
Pharmaceutical cleanroom pods g-con
G-CON biopharma cleanrooms gene therapy pods
Modular Mobile Cleanrooms for Cell Gene Therapy
G-CON iCON Cleanroom IPS
Modular Mobile Cleanrooms for Cell Gene Therapy
JPODs G-CON Cleanrooms Just Evotec
Modular Cleanrooms G-CON PODs
iCON IPS G-CON Turnkey Facility
Cleanroom POD Corridor
G-CON PODs Cleanrooms Aseptic Fill Finish
G-CON PODs Cleanrooms Aseptic Fill Finish
G-CON Cleanroom PODs Cell Therapy
G-CON PODs Cleanrooms Aseptic Fill Finish
G-CON PODs Cleanrooms Aseptic Fill Finish

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