Our Products

G-CON offers a wide variety of prefabricated cleanroom solutions ranging from our standardPODs to project specific PODs. Our standard portfolio can accommodate most upstream and downstream processes. If site limitations are present or oversized process equipment is needed, G-CON can build a custom POD or series of PODs. G-CON’s in-house engineering team can design a solution for your particular application, process or environmental needs using standard or custom PODs. In either form, PODs provide many standard features and finishes such that commissioning and validation will be streamlined as opposed to unique process for each cleanroom space.


Whether standard or custom, each POD is fully designed and manufactured at G-CON's facility where it is factory acceptance tested before shipping, site tested after shipping, and provided with a comprehensive engineering turnover package that provides full traceability of components, finishes, and structural details.

Prefabricated cleanrooms modular cleanrooms flexible facilities


Recommended for: Large scale SU bioreactors, oral solid dosage, large volume solution prep and filling isolator/ RAB systems

  • High bay POD units oversized equipment needs

  • Ballroom configurations are available

  • Different utilities can be implemented

3D CAD version of PCMM POD.png

POD System

Recommended for: Any medicinal drug or medical device application (upstream/ downstream processing, formulation, filling, packaging, gene/viral vector therapies)

  • Project based processing cleanroom clusters for a variety of applications such as mAbs, cell and gene therapies, vaccines, etc.

  • Larger scale areas and infrastructures

  • Ballroom or unit operation structure designs

layout facility.png

**Custom PODs - Certain brownfield sites and non-standard processes may not lend themselves to a standardPOD format. With respect to facilities, door openings or structural beams may inhibit standardPOD placement. Certain applications, for example, continuous oral solid dosage processes, may not “fit” into a standardPOD. Rather than taking a “one size fits all approach,” G-CON’s engineers can design a custom solution to fit the need while still employing core features of the PODs. Finishes, components, structural qualities, functionality will remain the same even if the size transforms to fit the process or host facility limitations.


The G-CON Standard POD: A ready-to-go cGMP suite delivered in 3 months

reduced cost-01.png

Standard parts, standard construction
procedures, standard quality checks
and commissioning, and no additional engineering.

A standard product that is repeatable
with a verifiable process and easily
mass produced.

Known parts, known methods and
known testing, designed by experts
who have spent years designing and
building PODs.


Recommended for: Cell therapy, laboratory purposes and aseptic filling

  • Three standard POD sizes, each with bidirectional and unidirectional flow options

  • Fully designed and available in three months

  • Readily available upon request



Recommended for: Compounding and filling and various lab applications

  • Mobile POD trailer for urgent care needs in
    different locations

  • Can be CNC or classified space

  • Fully outfitted with furniture

  • Configurable for different tests