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Past processing infrastructures typically handled large volume processes, that required large footprint, product dedicated facilities. New therapeutic developments required rapid build-up of capacities that traditional construction could not accommodate. Cell/gene therapies and higher expression rates in facilities.

These needs typically cannot be met by traditional facility approaches. Every traditional project is treated as a new infrastructure and with that design and build phases are lengthy and unreliable. Project schedules are often 12 months or longer as the hourly compensation models employed by designers and contractors do not incentivize a swift process. Additionally, the budgets are often exceeded due to a variety of unaccounted costs.

G-CON has developed a portfolio of six standardPOD Cleanrooms. These PODs are fully designed, allowing them to be mass-produced. Delivery time is as little as 3 months with the future goal of being able to maintain an inventory of ready to deliver PODs. Mass production of standardPODs will also lower costs. We believe cleanroom infrastructures have to become an off-the-shelf piece of equipment.