prefabricated cleanrooms

prefabricated cleanroom g-con pod

It seems that PODs come in standardized sizes, so how can we fit our entire process inside of them?

By: Pete Makowenskyj

While it is true that PODs are built in certain dimensions, this is purely for logistical purposes. G-CON PODs are optimized to travel anywhere in the world but it is not the dimensions of the POD which defines the facility design. Multiple PODs come together to form a cleanroom platform, POD sets or POD systems which can span thousands to tens of thousands square feet of interconnected facility cleanroom space.

Some of our core competencies at G-CON are process and facility expertise. We do not attempt to design a process within a POD but rather work with clients to define the process and build our technology around it. Our POD technology is mobile, flexible, autonomous building blocks which provide our clients with unparalleled value in the design/build of their facility. Just be sure to ask our sales engineers how G-CON PODs could work for your next facility need and find out why PODs are setting the benchmark for cleanroom solutions.

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