The POD Design

PODs are prefabricated containment cleanroom systems built and Factory Acceptance Tested in our facility, then shipped to your site with a Site Acceptance Tested to assure full functionality.  PODs are flexible, rapidly deployed, scalable, repurposable and mobile due to integrated air bearings.  PODs require very little infrastructure to operate.  They can sit in space as simple as a warehouse and only require power and in some instances water. They can be connected to provide contiguous cleanroom space or lined up against a corridor if segregation is required. Each POD typically has a separate mechanical area allowing service and maintenance on the POD to occur without interrupting operations.

Prefabricated cleanrooms modular cleanrooms flexible facilities

The POD mechanical area typically will incorporate the mechanical and electrical systems required to operate the POD including Air Handler Units, Exhaust Fans, Fire Suppression, Power and Control Panels and waste handling systems. Process support equipment may also be integrated depending upon the specific requirements for the project.

Utility connection points to the POD are typically located on the external wall of the POD mechanical area, allowing for easy integration with the facility utility systems. Quick disconnects can be utilized to minimize the time required for installation and start up.

Prefabricated cleanrooms modular cleanrooms flexible facilities

Mechanical Area:

Accessed from "grey space". Available with failsafe HVAC.

Standard and Custom Sizes Available:

A variety of sizes are available to accommodate cleanroom area requirements.

Material Airlocks:

Optional material airlocks or gowning area available.