G-CON understands that planning a manufacturing site has many challenges. Quality, capacity, timing and budget all are paramount. The POD approach eases this burden. We have created a new predesigned layout set for our viral vector customers. The set offers “off-the shelf” designs that can be used or configured. These designs are meant to reduce, if not eliminate design time. The predesign catalog guides and supports you, allowing the customer to visualize layouts. Instead of spending 6 months or more to design a gene therapy space, designs are ready and useable.

We know that time is of essence. We have experienced this important fact in many of our viral vector projects. Time is consumed in many ways, but construction is generally the largest component. For that reason, our customers choose G-CON’s off-site constructed cleanroom PODs, as these are built in half the time of traditional infrastructures and are fully functional and prequalified. It is assured that the PODs are working when they reach your site.

With the new predesigned approach, we reduce or eliminate the typically required design time (6 - 9 months), build time (up to 6 months) and the qualification phase (2 - 4 months). This means capacities can be rapidly deployed for clinical material purposes or commercial capabilities.