G-CON Manufacturing, Inc. Customer Support during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many have asked about G-CON’s ability to design, construct and deliver cleanrooms during this pandemic. A sample of those questions are below:


Can G-CON still produce cleanroom infrastructures?

  • G-CON is largely unaffected by current travel and gathering restrictions since its PODs are built by experienced teams at our site. These teams are monitored and self-monitor each other for virus symptoms and we have policies in place to avoid the spread of the coronavirus within our company.


Do we need to delay or slow down any projects with G-CON?

  • There is no need to slow down or delay projects. Design, manufacture, factory acceptance testing and pre-delivery preparation can all occur with no travel by G-CON or the client.  Delivery will have to be coordinated given the circumstances then present.


Has G-CON experienced material or parts supply shortages or delays?

  • G-CON has not experienced any delays to date and G-CON’s procurement team has worked closely with our suppliers to ensure that there will be no issues in the future.

Fast. Flexible. Scalable.

G-CON Manufacturing designs, produces and installs prefabricated cleanrooms called PODs. G-CON is the global leader of cleanroom design and construction with a POD portfolio that encompasses a variety of different dimensions and purposes, from aseptic fill/finish and laboratory environments to advanced therapies and production process platforms. PODs are unique from traditional cleanroom structures due to the ease of scalability, mobility and the ability to repurpose the PODs once the production process reaches the end of its lifecycle.

modular cleanrooms PODs G-CON Manufacturing flexibile facilities
prefabricated cleanrooms PODs G-CON Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
prefabricated cleanrooms PODs G-CON Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
prefabricated cleanrooms PODs G-CON Manufacturing flexibile facilities

We are Certified and Meet the Following Standards:

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The POD concept was selected for it "fit" our purpose and the company was a true partner. [We] only have had excellent support [and] the POD concept allowed us to get into conceptual, testing, and development very quickly. The excellent integration of the POD, process equipment and outside facility was the key to success.

- Director, Global Engineering - Global Fortune 500 Pharma Company

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