Since our inception, automation has been an integral part of G-CON’s POD® system. The smartPOD provides clients with a suite of automation and controls options for their cleanroom infrastructures including but not limited to Building Management Systems (BMS), Environmental Management Systems (EMS), equipment monitoring, and historian integration, for equipment internal and exterior to PODs. With the digital transformation we are seeing in the industry, G-CON’s ability to provide more enhanced and flexible automation capabilities integrated within our cleanroom solutions is critical for our clients.

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Smartpod Details

Available in 2 Tiers

Configurable, to provide clients with the flexibility needed to support their cGMP manufacturing operation requirements

smartPOD Automation Tiers

smartPOD Tier I – BMS
Provides overall control of the HVAC and door interlocks in a POD system via onboard PLC control. PLC program, HMI graphics and instruments are installed and tested at the G-CON manufacturing facility.

smartPOD Tier II – BMS/Integrated EMS
Provides all controls described in smartPOD Tier I. In addition, smartPOD Tier III includes a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant EMS system. PLC program, HMI graphics, SCADA, Historian and instruments are installed and tested at the G-CON manufacturing facility.



  • Ready for integration
  • FAT is leveraged on SAT and IQ/OQ
  • Reduced timeline = reduced cost
  • High quality turnkey solutions
  • Innovative
  • Adaptable

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