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Apr 05, 2022

G-CON Expands Its Product Portfolio with the Acquisition of Panelco / Plasteurop SAS, a Leading Cleanroom Component Manufacturer

G-CON Manufacturing, Inc. has acquired Plasteurop, a leading France-based manufacturer of critical cleanroom components. Plasteurop’s core competence is the automated production of monolithic cleanroom wall panels and doors. These components are used in a variety of industries with stringent standards for cleanliness and quality. Plasteurop was founded in 1978 and acquired by Panelco SAS in 2004. Since then, the company has produced numerous highly innovative products and has received multiple awards for innovations in the cleanroom infrastructure market.

“We have enjoyed working with Plasteurop on many projects and have been impressed by their robust delivery timelines and high quality of the supplied components,” stated Maik Jornitz, President and CEO of G-CON. “This acquisition is a natural progression, adding these critical components into our product portfolio so we are able to serve our customer base with a broader range of bioprocess space infrastructures. The vertical integration of these cleanroom components will also accelerate our already rapid delivery times and enhance the delivery schedule certainty, all to the benefit of the global patient.”

Plasteurop will become G-CON Clean Components SAS, with Philippe Calland remaining as the President of the independent subsidiary.

“Our desire is to accelerate the growth and further the innovative power of Panelco by joining G-CON, which we see as industry transforming prefabricated cleanroom supplier. The joint vision and values of the companies and combined product portfolio will advance our market leadership as total cleanroom infrastructure provider,” said Philippe Calland, President of Panelco. “This enables us to deliver sustainable healthcare processing spaces faster and in a much more cost-effective way.”

About G-CON Manufacturing, Inc.
G-CON Manufacturing designs, builds and installs prefabricated G-CON POD® cleanrooms. G-CON’s POD portfolio provides cleanrooms in a number of dimensions for a variety of uses, from laboratory environments to personalized medicine and production process platforms. G-CON POD® cleanroom units surpass traditional cleanroom structures in scalability, mobility and the possibility of repurposing the PODs once the production process reaches its lifecycle end. For more information, please visit G-CON’s website at https://gconbio.com. G-CON Manufacturing… BUILDING FOR LIFE™

About Panelco SAS
Panelco founded in 1978 and based in Vonnas near Lyon (France) is a leader in manufacturing of high-quality cleanroom wall and ceiling panels, windows and doors. Panelco supplies a variety of European cleanroom installers serving different types of industries with a wide variety of innovative cleanroom components.

For more information, please visit https://www.plasteurop.com