Pharmaceutical Cleanroom

If you are considering whether your pharmaceutical company needs a cleanroom or not, you already know the importance of this and why they are important for your operations. However, you may not have considered the type of cleanroom available: a traditionally constructed space or a prefabricated cleanroom. When compared to traditional construction, prefabricated cleanrooms have a lot of advantages.

How long does it take to install prefabricated cleanrooms?

For several organizations like pharmaceutical companies, the key benefit of a prefabricated cleanroom is the speed of installation. Constructed from prefabricated panels and sturdy frame, these cleanrooms take hours or days to set up, instead of the months that it could take to get ready a traditional structure.

That means you and your team can start using the new facility as soon as possible. Apart from reducing delays to your important work, the amount of disruption that will occur in your workplace will be minimized because most of the construction takes place off-site. 


Should you ever need to modify, change, or relocate your pharmaceutical cleanroom, prefabricated cleanrooms are much easier than remodeling or renovating a traditionally constructed space. A prefabricated cleanroom can easily be expanded by adding more wall pieces and moved to accommodate a new cleanroom layout. You don’t need to start from scratch with all new materials every time you alter your cleanroom needs. 

A prefabricated cleanroom can be a benefit for your pharmaceutical company when you consider their portability, flexibility, modification, and ease of installation. The prefabricated cleanroom allows you to customize your pharmaceutical cleanroom space to the ever-evolving and changing needs and capabilities of your company.

Cost advantage

The investment in traditionally constructed space is much higher than in prefabricated cleanrooms. You benefit from the shorter lead time and lower investment in prefabricated cleanrooms. Plus, prefabricated cleanrooms provide more usable space as they are not as thick as traditionally constructed space.

In addition, prefabricated cleanrooms can be reused, and they remove the need to buy new materials and minimize labor and the cost of renovation. Interestingly, you can even sell them if you no longer need them, so you can benefit from potential tax savings and accelerated depreciation.

How effective is the prefabricated cleanroom compared to traditional structure?

When it comes to many applications in the pharmaceutical industry, prefabricated cleanrooms can fulfill your company’s needs just as well as a traditional structure. For instance, a prefabricated cleanroom can be incorporated with HEPA filters, which remove tiny particles effectively from the air to keep your workspace free from contamination.

Moreover, the flexible nature of prefabricated cleanroom designs makes it easier to customize your cleanroom with more accessories to keep your space even more tightly controlled. No matter the standards you need to comply with, there is a prefabricated cleanroom design to meet your specific needs.

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