The POD Advantage

PODs fulfill the demands of industry and regulatory authorities. For example, regulatory requirements of containment and segregation are important to protect products and the environment are readily achieved in PODs.  PODs provide a complete prefabricated cleanroom that is autonomous, mobile and easy to clean. 

No other product or system on the market provides:

  • a turnkey approach

  • projects in such a short timeframe

  • a finished product that is delivered to the site

  • a fully commissioned system with a complete engineering turnover package

  • a repurposeable asset (with leasing available)

  • an asset that can be depreciated like equipment

  • a fixed budget and delivery date

Key Benefits

Collaboration Partners

Capacity increase and scalability without interrupting existing processes.

Each POD is completely self contained with its own failsafe HVAC system.

 With key collaborations, we provide unparalleled turnkey platforms, achieving our core competency to design, construct and supply flexible prefabricated cleanrooms.

Faster and predictable project schedules for
new facility construction or expansions

Prefabrication allows fast construction and quick installation

PODs are mobile for easy placement and rapid deployment or global drop-shipment as needed.

Fast time to run and reduction in qualification time and costs leads to a maximized value of product patent life.

Reduced on-site complexity compared to typical construction.

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