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G-CON has developed a portfolio of six standardPOD Cleanrooms. These PODs are fully designed, allowing them to be mass-produced. Delivery time is as little as 3 months with the future goal of being able to maintain an inventory of ready to deliver PODs. Mass production of standardPODs will also lower costs. We believe cleanroom infrastructures have to become an off-the-shelf piece of equipment.

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Recommended for

Cell therapy, laboratory purposes and aseptic filling

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The G-CON standardPOD

A ready-to-go cGMP suite delivered in 3 months

Standard parts, standard construction procedures, standard quality checks and commissioning, and no additional engineering.

A standard product that is repeatable with a verifiable process and is easily mass produced quickly.

Known parts, known methods and known testing, designed by experts who have spent years designing and building PODs.

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Inside of an empty POD cleanroom
Inside of a large completed POD cleanroom
Inside of a large empty POD cleanroom
Inside a POD cleanroom hallway showing multiple room doors
Exterior of a completed POD cleanroom inside the facility
Inside of a POD cleanroom photographed through a doorway
Inside of an empty POD cleanroom with blue flooring
Inside of a large empty POD cleanroom
Inside a POD cleanroom with equipment
A completed pod cleanroom inside the facility
Equipment inside a POD cleanroom
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