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Aseptic formulation and filling are some of the most critical steps in biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical processing. Environmental containment and isolation of the filling line are essential to the final product’s quality and safety. The global biopharmaceutical market reflects increased competition, a greater prevalence of biologics, expansion in the number of personalized and targeted products, and a rise in the number of treatments for orphan diseases. These trends have given rise to biopharmaceutical products with smaller batch sizes and limited productions runs.

G-CON, working in collaboration with various aseptic filling technology suppliers has developed a portfolio of POD designs in order to provide the industry with the option of utilizing pre-engineered POD cleanrooms integrated with standardized filling systems from world class suppliers. This approach minimizes the design and delivery time, provides for more accurate costing for the project, and leverages all of the suppliers’ qualification testing, reducing the validation burden on the back end of the project.

These systems are prefabricated and pre-qualified with the ability to ship wherever the fill capacity is required.