Elevating Cleanroom Construction: Pioneering Excellence in Controlled Environments

Experience a new era in cleanroom construction with G-CON Manufacturing. As a distinguished Texas-based company, we are dedicated to project success and cost-efficiency through meticulously designed and modular units that have stood the test of real-world application. Explore how our precision engineering and innovative design redefine the landscape of controlled environment construction.



Mastering the Art of Cleanroom Construction

At G-CON, we consider cleanroom construction an intricate process demanding the expertise of skilled designers, builders, and a steadfast commitment to industry best practices. Our award-winning team is deeply committed to each project’s triumph and cost reduction, achieved through thoughtfully designed and field-proven modular units.

Building for Life

Crafting a Controlled Environment

Cleanroom construction is vital across industries requiring isolated, contaminant-free spaces for critical processes or patient care. Our process involves meticulous air filtration, impervious materials, and precise welding to prevent external air from mingling with the rigorously controlled internal environment.

Each G-CON cleanroom is meticulously crafted from quality, non-porous materials, reflecting our dedication to adhering to ISO 45001 standards for workplace safety and excellence.

Standards Governing Excellence: ISO in Focus

Creating a meticulously controlled environment necessitates skill and dedication. We embrace globally recognized standards like ISO 45001 and OSHAS 18001 for workplace safety, which contribute to cost-effectiveness and uncompromising quality. Additionally, ISO 9001 guides our project management, ensuring rigorous monitoring across design, manufacturing, and installation phases.

These standards not only assure quality but set a benchmark upheld through our PODs that scales across operations. At G-CON, our commitment to standards is unwavering.

Unleashing Cost-Efficiency: The Power of Prefabricated Pods

Cleanroom construction projects frequently encounter cost overruns. To counter this, G-CON introduces the concept of prefabricated pods – a proven, repeatable methodology that enhances scalability and slashes expenses. We utilize a versatile frame applicable to various industries and purposes, passing on design and manufacturing savings to our customers.

Seamless Scalability: Evolving With Your Needs

Our proprietary PODS, crafted through prefabrication, offer scalability that aligns with your evolving operations. These standardized, interconnected solutions feature quick disconnects for rapid installation. Our assortment of standard and custom-sized PODS enables creation of fabrication environments, precisely welded to integrate air handler units, exhaust fans, fire suppression, power and control panels, and waste handling systems tailored to support your success.

Navigating Costs: The Investment in Excellence

Cleanrooms surpass conventional construction costs, with estimates ranging from $100 to $400 or more per square foot, contingent on industry and specifications. Technical precision and meticulous setups drive costs. G-CON’s cleanrooms feature material airlocks, ample workspace, and designated areas for mechanical maintenance. Prices are determined by the number of PODs needed to fulfill your requirements.

Texas-Based Excellence in Cleanroom Construction

G-CON Manufacturing takes pride in delivering quality construction for isolated environments tailored to diverse needs. Our cleanrooms are adaptable, ideal for industries like electronics and pharmaceuticals where product integrity is paramount. With a history of accolades and recognition, we invite you to connect with our experts for further insights into elevating your cleanroom construction projects.

Contact us today to embark on a journey of excellence, and experience the G-CON difference.