Oct 28, 2021

G-CON Honored with the Europe Bioprocessing Excellence Award 2021

IMAPAC, the organizing committee of the Europe Bioprocessing Excellence Awards 2021 awarded G-CON with the 2021 Europe Bioprocessing Excellence Award for Best Bioprocessing Supplier in Engineering and Facility Design. The award recognizes industry leaders and pioneers in the bioprocessing industry who facilitate biomanufacturing excellence at enhanced speed, reduced cost and superior quality all across Europe and the rest of the world. G-CON is honored to be in the company of the fellow nominees and the many distinguished organizations and individuals who have been considered for this award in the past.

“We are very proud and recognize this award as a sign of the continued validation of G-CON’s efforts within the industry,” stated Dennis Powers, Vice President of Business Development & Design Consulting. “We would like to thank IMAPAC and the esteemed panel of judges for recognizing our contribution to the industry, our POD cleanroom technology, and our passion for driving innovation and change. Our goal from the beginning has been to help drug manufacturers implement new facilities and biocapacity faster and more cost effectively than ever before. Our team is fully committed to continue our work with industry leading suppliers and service providers to advance prefabricated modular manufacturing in order to enhance speed and flexibility, reduce costs, while maintaining the highest standards of excellence for new biomanufacturing facilities. All of with the focused common mission we all have to help save and improve patients’ lives.”

About G-CON Manufacturing
G-CON is fulfilling the needs of reliable and fast deliverable capacities for the biopharmaceutical industry. G-CON provides comprehensive prefabricated and prequalified CGMP compliant cleanroom environments and platforms for uses ranging from laboratory, clinical and commercial production for a variety of therapeutic applications.

Through a well-defined customer needs driven approach to design, production, installation and qualification, G-CON provides a fully functional cleanroom product portfolio enabling reliable biocapacity planning on-time and within-budget. For more information, please visit G-CON’s website at https://gconbio.com