Jan 25, 2022

G-CON Launches Predesigned Viral Vector POD Cleanroom Infrastructures

G-CON, the leader in off-site prefabricated, flexible cleanroom solutions, today launched its line of Viral Vector cleanroom infrastructure options, offering customers predesigned layouts to abbreviate design timelines and provide reliable budget and delivery timeframes. These processing space platforms have been designed based on G-CON’s deep experience in the space while leveraging its large installed base of prefabricated cleanroom PODs.

The creation of G-CON’s Viral Vector POD Designs are intended to meet the needs of viral vector processing and to support the forecasted rapid growth of cell and gene therapy manufacturing capacity needs. Using a predesigned approach, G-CON reduces design, build and qualification phases from years down to months. With G-CON’s new Viral Vector POD Catalog, designs are ready and useable, ranging from Small Scale AAV to Ballroom Based Viral Vector Systems. These designs also can be cloned for multi-site production, further reducing costs, time and resource consumption.

“When kicking off project discussions with a client, we leverage our project experience in providing their core area designs,” stated Peter Makowenskyj, Director of Design Consulting. “With our latest catalog, we can provide that context to our viral vector clients and rather than starting from scratch, starting with a vetted design that will lead to faster POD production and faster product production for the client as well.”

Click here to request a copy of G-CON’s Viral Vector POD Catalog.

About G-CON
G-CON is fulfilling the needs of reliable and fast deliverable capacities for the biopharmaceutical industry. G-CON provides comprehensive prefabricated and prequalified CGMP compliant cleanroom environments and platforms for uses ranging from laboratory, clinical and commercial production for a variety of therapeutic applications.

Through a well-defined customer need driven approach to design, production, installation and qualification, G-CON provides a fully functional cleanroom product portfolio enabling reliable biocapacity planning on-time and within-budget. For more information, please visit G-CON’s website at https://gconbio.com.