prefabricated cleanrooms

Is it possible to fit a POD into a facility at an elevated height?

By: Paul Clarke, Sales Engineer EMEA

Yes, provided there is space for a crane and flatbed lorry near the access point. A site layout or site visit may be required to insure this. We can also issue a “walk in drawing” that will show how we install the POD from ground level to the height required. For the building opening, Purchaser shall ensure that there is an opening in the host facility no less than 4 feet (1,220 mm) or greater than the width of the widest POD supplied to the facility and 2 feet higher (610 mm) than the tallest POD. Egress through the building to the final installation of the same dimensions are also required. Using a crane and forklifts, we have brought PODs into buildings with as little as 1 ft (305 mm) clearance on site.

prefabricated cleanroom g-con pod
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